Ham Radio enthusiast John G4YDM-paints Johnny Wilkinson

Ham Radio enthusiast John G4YDM-paints Johnny Wilkinson

Your comments and suggestion have been very welcome, many readers have sent in questions about my Ham Radio pages including ham aerials-very popular. To answer your question why art? its something I have enjoyed along with ham radio construction for a number of years-ham radio is a passion and art is too. I combine my ham enjoyment by taking photographs and creating artwork.

73 and see you on the HF bands

Portraits in oil showing Rugby player Johnny Wilkinson

Top reasons why paintings and portraits are must-have possessions.

Johnny Wilkinson By John Allsopp.  You are looking at a painting of Johnny Wilkinson, he is one of the best known Rugby Players and is very easily recognizable paintings or prints create wonderful talking points also they decorate that wall or corner of your sitting room that needs a facelift. There are many hundreds of prints to choose from famous people or places are an ideal choice.

Art has been a designers enhancement tool for many years

Many professional designers turn to prints and painting to enhance their clients living rooms kitchens and bedroom artwork has a dynamic effect and will enhance and add value to any color scheme you choose.

Open edition or limited edition prints.

Open edition simply means there are unlimited numbers of prints available these tend to be priced less than limited editions which indicates the Artist prints a set number only. Open edition is priced accordingly sets range from 20 to 30 pounds up to 100 depending on the complexity of the art and the material it is printed on.

Can prints rise in value

Prints do rise in value, many limited editions after publication rise in value some reach two to three times their published price. I believe art should be available for everybody to enjoy, we all place different values on art its there to be enjoyed.

Which print is right for you?

The painting below features one of the Worlds famous Rugby players this particular work would suit a devout Rugby fan, many sporting fans collect memorabilia it shows that they are passionate about their sport and gives that feeling of belonging to something very big.

How do you buy Art prints?

Prints are available on quality art paper and linen canvas most come without a frame, I always sell unframed artworks, we all have different styles of decorating color and design play a huge part when considering decorating a room. I suggest choosing a complimentary style and color of the frame from your local shop that way you buy something that matches your color scheme.

Make a comment about the work to the Artist.

Creative people thrive on comments it keeps them working and producing what you the precious customer would like Artists throughout the ages have offered their services to produce portraits or paintings of scenes important to you. Many Artists will include information about their services, why not contact an Artist they will be only too pleased to help you.

Ham Radio enthusiast John G4YDM-paints Johnny Wilkinson

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