Ham Radio operator John G4YDM-paints his dad Stan

Ham Radio operator John G4YDM-paints his dad Stan 

Ham Radio operator John G4YDM-paints his dad Stan.   This is a portrait of my sadly missed Dad Stan Allsopp, painted about two years before his untimely death in 1993, many people who see this portrait make the same comment, he looks like Jack Benny the famous and unique comedian, I must agree with these comments he certainly looks like Jack, and he also was a very funny man.

This portrait-like all of my artwork is created in oil on Belgium linen canvas which I prepare with a coat of Gesso before drawing the picture. I spent about twelve weeks perfecting this portrait, I wanted to capture my Dads personality, he was a very happy man and loved to make people laugh, I hope you can see this side of his character in my portrait.

I remember saying to him I am going to paint you, Why was his answer I like my color, that was a very typical comment from Stanley always joking, I think if I hadn't carried on my with his humor he would have had me looked at my a Doctor, yes I do have a great sense of humor and many people say after talking to me, your Dad will never be dead John as long as you are around, Great to hear really.

Stan, or Stan the man as he was referred to my the local butcher was a Blacksmith at Washington F Pit in County Durham, we now live in Tyne-Wear County which I hate, much prefer County Durham. I remember looking across from Shafto terrace towards the Pit heap over the comrade's football club, comrades probably called that due to the fact that the Miners Union classed their member as comrades, and rightly so, mining was a very hard life.

My Dad would climb the Pit heap on a night shift to see to the truck that carried the waste from mining, it was called a tippler, because it would tip the slag when it got to the summit of the heap it was very tall built up over many years, on a good night he would wave at me before going off to bed, great memories of my Dad.

I am pleased he got to see my portrait before his death. He loved it and would tell everybody he met that his son John had caught him in oil. It hung in a favorite place in our house next to a portrait I created featuring my mother, after all, no self-respecting Artist could leave their parents out of his or her portfolio.

We were both employed as Firemen, Retained firemen within the Durham County Fire Brigade and later with the Tyne-Wear Brigade, Tyne-Wear is a metropolitan County created around 1974. My fireman days were the best days of my life, I was allowed to attend Fire calls when my pocket alert system would go off, I was a Radio Engineer by now and worked for a very understanding boss, he allowed me to leave my place of work to form part of a fire crew, I don't think that arrangement would work nowadays?

I was great being a Fireman, I really enjoyed working as part of the crew with all that interesting kit a fire appliance carries. I responded with my dad to the local Fire Station seven days a week 24 hours a day, simply the best days of my life, it taught me a lot about life, and tragedy I attended several incidents where there was the loss of life, not good but it builds confidence and shapes your life.

This particular portrait is twenty-four by thirty-six inches in size, it was not printed and will remain as a bespoke piece of artwork. I,m often asked to paint portraits of other people and may branch out into this service role in the future, currently working towards getting my own website up and running displaying new prints taken from my original paintings.

Talking to people and networking at events is a great way to expand your horizons and develop new ideas for future artwork, no man is an Island as the old adage goes, it's amazing how many different aspects on art topics you engage in, you hear what people like don't and above all what they think of your creations. I think on the whole people who I talk to are truthful and honest and believe they wouldn't hold back if they didn't like something about my work, it hasn't happened yet but it will be interesting to hear the critical but constructive comment.

Thank you for reading this page, I am pleased that this blog is starting to circulate around the web the stats show me the number of visitors each day. Please feel free to share my blog with your friends,I would love to hear from you good bad or indifferent just make a comment.

Ham Radio operator John G4YDM-paints his dad Stan 

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