Ham Radio op-paints Prince William

Ham Radio op-paints Prince William 

Ham Radio op-paints Prince William.  Prince William is shown during his Royal Navy training, the painting is twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches in size and hand-painted on Belgium linen canvas which I prepare with gesso before applying the outline in pencil. He's a very young prince in my portrait completed a number of years ago and forms part of my Royal collection.

Portraits in oil on canvas from £450

Prince William oil Portrait by Artist John Allsopp

Artists like themes and usually produce a number of works of art to form a theme, my Royal theme contains other members of the Royal family including Williams's mother Princess Diana. The hat was the most difficult to do, but I have an enormous amount of patience a skill that I probably picked up from my Mother who would say if you decide to do something, do it to your best ability.

Influences come from all corners of your mind's eye, I was introduced to men in uniform early on in my life and I thought about what a uniform signifies before putting paint to canvas. Uniforms make people stand out especially armed service dress, by nature they command respect and this is what I see in Prince Williams's portrait. I remember to wring to Prince William and he wished me well in my artistic career, his father Prince Charles is known to enjoy painting in watercolor.

I have painted for many years however it is only now when I can dedicate my time to honing my craft and planning new work. I thoroughly enjoy art, it is very relaxing and it gives me a great buzz when I finish a portrait, please feel free to make a comment about how my art or art, in general, affects you.
This picture is actually a photograph of the print I produced from my original oil portrait, the portrait was printed on exceptionally good paper using light-fast inks and printed by a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild. It was produced as a limited edition print, but I usually produce open editions that way more people can enjoy owning a print and it keeps costs down.

My interest in art happened many years ago when I would receive a Disney coloring book at Christmas, they were very happy days, trying to alter the drawings in the book and experimenting with color they ll form the building blocks of what I do now which is to create bespoke artwork, amazing really when I think back all those years ago and I still enjoy art.

We all have a story life is an ongoing chronological list of life and of course time. I attempt to tell my story so it helps people understand what art is all about. My art is the attempt to create as near photographic quality as I can, there are many types of art though and I just concentrate on one type, realism.

Please share my blog with your friends and please tell me what you would like to see me create artists enjoy comments whether they are good or bad it all adds up to market research, which changes all the time.

Ham Radio op-paints Prince William 

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