Ham Radio op John G4YDM-Lynnty-Dachshund

Ham Radio op John G4YDM-Lynnty-Dachshund 

My other passion is portrait painting, dog people and other forms of art including photography. 

Lynn-ty a wire-haired Dachshund painted about twenty years ago and still looking as good today as it was when I first painted him, it helps to keep oil color bright if you keep paintings out of bright sunlight.

He was very mischievous little hound I have captured his character well, may people remember him as a great little dog. Painted on canvas which was first primed with gesso. This work is twenty-four inches by twenty inches and ideal size for a small room.

He had a very prominent vein in his ear which I took time to highlight during the time I was composing this particular work, these little differences make paintings stand out.

As you can see the work is ahead studied, depending on how big the dog is it is sometimes better to have a head study rather than a whole body portrait. Of course, it is up to you, if you wish me to do a full-body painting I will certainly consider your proposal. A detailed background can be added to any painting you wish, just let me know what you prefer. 

People are drawn to his eyes, they used to sparkle when he saw you and he always had a real cold wet nose just as a dog should be.

I work in various sizes when creating paintings and portraits, Lynnty's portrait is twenty-four inches by twenty inches a great size for a small wall.

There are other types of Dachshund we have had many over the sixty-something years there are smooth-haired and long-haired both standard and miniature.

Ham Radio op John G4YDM-Lynnty-Dachshund 

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