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Welcome to my Ham Radio website. My name is John Allsopp G4YDM. 

My early years were taken up with investigating the Short Wave Bands, listening to Coastal Marine Stations,  Aircraft, and trying to fathom out the woodpecker and of course listening to local A.M. transmissions from Radio Hams on Top Band, with a 19 set.  VHF and UHF investigation then came along using 28 Mhz as an I.F.to drive home-made frequency converters. Pye Westminster sets and the good old Pye Cambridge followed.

I passed the City & Guilds Ham Radio examination back in the late seventies and used the call-sign G6CHB for a number of years on two meters and seventy-centimeter bands with mainly homemade equipment.

Morse code has been a passion for many years I have used this mode extensively since gaining my G4YDM call-sign in the early 1980s

My main activity surrounds the building QRP transceivers and matching devices for use on the H.F.Ham Radio bands.

I gained an H.N.D. qualification in Telecommunication Engineering and used this knowledge in G.S.M. or mobile phone technology.

I also enjoy creating oil portraits on linen canvas examples are listed below.


Ham Radio-HF Propagation Predictions - ITURHFProp.   Here is an excellent HF prediction tool supplied by G4FKH

Designed by Gwyn G4FKH, the program calculates the probability of propagation over different paths around the globe and for different modes of operation.


Tracking the International Space Station

Radio Hams from all over the world have been enjoying communicating with science officers on board the I.S.S. for many years.

Software-defined radio is becoming more popular. For the active Radio ham who enjoys building new aerials, there is an easy way to check out your coverage by listening to your own transmission via HACK GREEN or G4FPH

BBC Frequencies and Sites in English Currently On-Air
Portraits of Brides                                                          Lynnty the Dachshund

The portrait above showing a couple is Don a Radio Ham Who contacted me via the RSGB to have this portrait created. CLICK HERE 

Newcastle United Player Manager Kevin Keegan

Children's portraits

Children's portraits

Digby the Dachshund Dogs in Oil

Her Majesty the Queen

The Queen Mother

Newcastle United hero Alan Shearer

Prince William

Princess Diana of Wales

Niall Quinn