Ham Radio-terminology

Ham Radio-terminology

Ham Radio-terminology, like all interest there are terms which describe the subject, Ham radio is no exception, you will hear propagation being used often on the bands, propagation is a term used to describe how a radio wave transmitted from an aerial is sent around the world.

Ham Radio-terms

Ham Radio H.F. transceiver

Digital radio is a term that describes the message signal, there are two signals in a radio wave, the carrier signal and the message signal, digital signals are derived from analog signals, sampled and then mixed with the carrier signal.

Ham radio is a fascinating hobby and people from all over the world enjoy ham radio using short wave radio, you can find out by listening to their call-signs, which part of the world they are transmitting from, I,m John G4YDM, G4 is a prefix used in England U.K.

Ham radio terms often include descriptions of aerials, there are many types of aerial, mainly quarter-wave, Halfwave aerial, loop aerials yagi aerials, etc, all are derived from each other and have properties including the low angle of radiation and gain, the gain is how an aerial multiplies the signal applied to it, it works both ways ie a transmitted signal into an aerial with gain will be amplified, the incoming signal will also be amplified, by the properties in the construction of the aerial.

Ham radio receivers come in a modern style today, they are called S.D.R. receivers, it stands for Software-defined receiver they use software programming to allow the signal to be modulated for transmission, SDR receivers are also capable of receiving digital signals.

Ham radio mistakes, don't worry we all make them and the newcomer to the hobby has a lot to learn, but if you are interested in learning the terms will be fun, don't worry too much take small bites of the subject-it will be worth it in the long run.

You often hear a radio ham calling CQ CQ CQ, what does this mean? seeking you, abbreviated to CQ, he or she is seeking a contact over the air-waves.

CQ DX seeking long-distance contacts, a part of the hobby which many follow, it offers the chance to speak with fellow enthusiasts who may be on the other side of the world, certificates are available for working different countries different states and there are low power certificates for people running only 5 watts of power, its called QRP. 

Ham Radio-terminology

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