Ham Radio-SDR Receiver

Ham Radio-SDR Receiver

Ham Radio and the RTL SDR Receiver

Ham Radio-SDR Receiver.  Did you know that you can listen to Ham Radio via a simple dongle plugged into your computers USB drive?

The device is called an R.T.L.-S.D.R. receiver, it uses software that allows you to listen to Ham Radio and many other radio transmissions including Police, Fire and Ambulance transmissions. The receiver is based on the R.T.L.2832-U chip-set and often called the D.V.B.-T TV tuner

These cheap dongle receivers cost as little as 8 pounds and turn your computer into a general coverage receiver. With appropriate software, you can store and scan frequencies just like scanners costing many hundreds of pounds

Software-defined dongle receivers on the market including the Air spy and S.D.R.-PLAY costing around $199 and £149 respectively and there are other higher priced units including the Hack-RF costing $300 and the Blade-RF which currently sells for $650 these units actually transmit as well as receive.

Software-defined radio receivers replace traditional radio receivers, which were constructed with radio components including modulators and amplifiers, these hardware components are now replaced with software. Modern computers using easy to download and install programs do the work of all the processing needed to de-modulate signals and turn your computer into a modern radio receiver.

S.D.R. radio offers the opportunity to de-modulate ham radio transmissions across a wide part of the radio spectrum. High-frequency bands are covered and you have the benefit of listening to a full range of transmission modes including single side-band, amplitude modulation, and a constant wave or C.W. many allow F.M. reception too.

S.D.R. radio allows hobbyists to monitor aircraft control conversations on both short wave and V.H.F. band. You can also track aircraft using ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) which plots the aircraft position on a local map. A.C.A.R.S. is also catered for making S.D.R. receivers a very beneficial tool for the ham radio hobbyist.

Programs are available which allow the reception of digital radio mono-dial this form of broadcasting is used by international broadcast stations, It provides superior audio quality compared to A.M. signals by utilizing digital audio encoding.

One of the most interesting applications to use with your S.D.R. radio is receiving N.O.A.A. weather pictures, there are many multiple satellites pass every day, N.O.A.A. weather satellites broadcast Automatic Picture transmissions and these broadcasts contain live weather images of your area.

You can de-modulate N.O.A.A. pictures with a good outside aerial and a program called S.D.R.-Sharp and an additional decoding program, these images can be seen several times a day.

There are many more programs to use with S.D.R. radio, D-star and D.M.R. together with fusion transmissions can be de-modulated. A great benefit you have using these simple radio receivers is that most of the programs are completely free to download and use.

Ham Radio-SDR Receiver

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