Ham Radio-Reverse Beacon Network. KE0OG

Ham Radio-Reverse Beacon Network. KE0OG

Hello fellow Hams and thankyou for your comments and suggestions, they really do make a big difference to me when writing my blog.

I have been asked if I am available for commission, many of you have read my pages on my other passion, which is ART, and have asked if I would paint a portrait with the shack in the background, the answer is yes, all I need is a good quality clear colored photograph to work from.

Now to the Reverse-Beacon system, if you are like me you no doubt get a lot of pleasure in building various types of aerials whether it be vertical types with ground planes or vertical end fed configurations.

 However, we are often stuck with the question is the aerial working or are conditions poor, one way to find out is to use the beacon system, transmitting on certain frequencies in morse with a test at the end gives you a virtually instant list of where your signal is going to, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of considering propagation.

Ham Radio-Reverse Beacon Network. KE0OG

Thank you for reading, click here to see my portrait of

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