Ham Radio Articles

Ham Radio-articles

Ham Radio-articles. Thank you for your emails and comments about my Ham-Radio website which includes my other hobby of photography and Portrait painting, as requested a list of articles and pages are attached below.

Ham Radio-articles

John Allsopp G4YDM

  1. Portable operation
  2. Vertical aerials
  3. Loop aerials
  4. Cubical quad aerial
  5. The half-square
  6. A ham caught in oil
  7. Ham Radio aerials
  8. Ham Radio terms
  9. Ham Radio receivers
  10. Ham Radio propagation
  11. Ham radio digital modes
  12. Ham Radio fascinating hobby
  13. Ham Radio John G4YDM
  14. Ham Radio VHF UHF aerial
  15. Ham Radio SDR receiver
  16. Ham Radio mistakes
  17. QSL Cards
  18. How to make an efficient aerial
  19. From Ham Radio to H.N.D.
  20. Off Centre Fed Aerial
  21. Portable working near the sea
  22. Ham or Amateur Radio
  23. Using DX-commander aerial
  24. Half Wave End Fed Aerial
  25. What is a balun
  26. Ham Radio with no repeaters
  27. D-STAR Digital mode
  28. ICOM R-71E Receiver
  29. ICOM IC-7000 Receiver
  30. The Frame Aerial
  31. Ham Radio Noise
  32. Sporadic E on the red planet
  33. Reception of US Broadcast in South America
  34. Weak signal recovery using AIRSPY H.F.
  35. FM DXING
  36. Birmingham Radio Museum
  37. Ham Radio mystery curious signals
  39. KE0OG explains the best way to test if you are getting out?
  40. Ham Radio at TATE MODERN GALLERY
  41. Where RADIO history and ART meet
  42. Hearing voices in the walls
  43. QRP Rig comparison
  44. South Orkney DX-pedition
  45. Namibia V55A-on the airwaves
  46. DX-pedition to Zambia
  47. VHF Aerial Matching Unit
  48. British Virgin Isles activated
  49. Help solve these mystery signals
  50. DX Location Wellington Island. Chile
  51. DX location Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean
  52. Ham radio DX-pedition to the location of Laos
  53. Zambia activated
  54. Grounding an End Fed Aerial
  55. Current distribution on an EFHW aerial system
  56. How directional are radials
  57. End Fed Aerial transformer
  58. Ham Radio DX location activation
  59. Suriname activation PZ5G
  60. Antigua DX activation
  61. Why learn the morse code
  62. Easter Island DX-pedition
  63. Half Wave End Fed tri-bander
  64. Bolivia DX
  65. DX-pedition to Easter Island
  66. Sao Vicente Island Cabo Verde
  67. How to build traps for your HF aerial
  68. People turn to ham radio after a disaster
  69. Ham Radio soars-during coronavirus
  70. Perfect dual-band Ham Radio-mobile
  71. A passive YouLoop worth looking at
  72. RSGB and coronavirus
  73. Ham Radio what is it
  74. 160-meter aerial experiments
  75. Forty-meter band and aerial
  76. Most wanted DX locations
  77. Xiegu G90 QRP Transceiver for the HF Ham Bands
  78. Ham Radio-Help Brian identify this 1970s era interval signal
  79. Ham Radio-Yet another mystery utility signal to solve--!
  80. Ham Radio-Two free issues of CQ magazine!
  81. Ham Radio-ALT-512 QRP transceiver review in RadCom
  82. Ham Radio-DX news Intrepid Spirit Award
  83. Ham Radio and the popular air-band listening pursuit.
  84. Ham radio-coaxial cable
  85. Ham Radio-Which digital DMR radio can you use as a digital scanner?
  86. Ham Radio-Best Antenna Analyzer for The Money - Top 5 Analyzer of 2019
  87. Ham Radio-Multiband End-fed 80-10m antenna
  88. Ham Radio-I should be working, but instead, I'm playing the radio
  89. Ham radio-air spy software-defined receiver
  90. Ham Radio-FT-817 accessories for this popular QRP transceiver
  91. Ham Radio-books for the keen radio amateur
  92. Yaesu FT 857D: one of the best radio ever
  93. Ham Radio-portable aerial for the HF bands
  94. Yaesu FT-450D

A great QRP rig Yaesu FT-7

A great QRP transceiver FT-7

I hope you find these articles useful in helping you start in the fascinating Ham Radio hobby, it's not expensive really as many believe, you can start off with simple homemade transceivers made from a book as I did years back or from one of the many kits available, kits have the advantage of being supplied with all you need to build the project without having to source components yourself.

Ham radio has many fascinating areas to explore from operating with low power QRP through to contest operating to building transceivers and aerial systems, there's something for everyone in this hobby, including airband receiving which is something I did when I first started building receivers. I converted a Pye Westminster AM for the reception of Usworth Airfield, Usworth an RAF base during world war two now is a car factory where Nissan cars are built. 

Ham Radio-articles

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