Sunday, 16 February 2020

Ham Radio-Icom IC-R7000

Ham Radio-Icom IC-R7000


Ham Radio-Icom IC-R7000, I have owned several of these excellent receivers over the years, they are still worth a thought today if you are looking for a VHF UHF receiver, covering 25 Mhz through to 2000Mhz they are all and more for the general listener. An excellent receiver for the airband enthusiast.

My receiver never actually got as hot as some people have reported, the only fault I experienced was the digital display lost a number due to a capacitor going closed circuit, they are excellent sensitive and very selective receivers and are built well, a heavy receiver ideal for the desktop.

Scanning is slow, however, I don't believe they were sold as a scanner, more of a communications receiver, the great benefit about the IC-R7000 is that it has the SSB facility, plenty of tuning steps required for the UK market and an appropriate amount of channels, receivers with many more channel facilities do exist, but if you scan through hundreds of channels you tend to get confused as to what you are listening to.

The delay can be modified but once again I think this is something that is not really necessary and found the factory set delay to be more than adequate. You can program the IC-R7000 to selective mode scan where the receiver stops on AM station or FM depending on how you set it.

It will fill up a number of memories automatically for recall later, you don't need to sit with it while it searches, the auto store will do this for you.

If you have a favorite channel, for example, the marine distress calling frequency channel zero, a facility exists in the IC-R7000 for setting this it will check the frequency for activity even if it's scanning elsewhere.

You may find one with a remote control although this is rare nowadays. Equipped with a reasonable noise blanker, attenuator and speech announcement.

I did an easy modification to the discriminator for digital signal processing which you can find by:-

clicking here

Ham Radio-Icom IC-R7000