Sunday, 29 March 2020

Ham Radio-Ham Radio-portable aerial for the HF bands

Ham Radio-portable aerial for the HF bands

Ham Radio-portable aerial for the HF bands. Thank you for many in the USA who have kindly commented on many of my pages, I have received a number of requests for information on the buddipole or a similar portable aerial system, a lot of ham radio operators use this portable aerial, this video seems to prove by listening to the commentator that the buddipole differs little from a dipole. I have trawled the internet and come up with a few interesting pieces of equipment which seem to fit the problem many have regarding portable HF operation.

I have seen the MP1DXMAX here in the UK, it may be the ideal aerial assembly for your portable work.

The system comes with a convenient bag and tripod and light enough to be carried up to the top of a hill, an ideal product for SOTA.  Using a similar portable set up I have enjoyed many DX contacts across into the United States from high advantage points throughout the North of England. The Pennine chain is near to where I live, its called the backbone of Britain and offers many high spots operate from.

Your requests have also included links to products for Ham radio use, I have added Amazon to my website, a trusted supplier throughout the British Isles and I am sure many will shop on Amazon in the USA, please consider using the links below for your ham radio purchases.  

Ham Radio-portable aerial for the HF bands

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