Sunday, 8 March 2020

Ham Radio operator-paints Children's portraits

Ham Radio operator-paints Children's portraits 

Ham Radio operator-paints Children's portraits.   Thank you for writing and commenting about not only My Art but you have surely made my efforts worthwhile, by suggesting and commenting on my Ham Radio pages...Thank you they are very much appreciated.

Oil on canvas 20 x24 inches hand-painted in oil.

The procedure.

  • I need a clear colored photograph to work from
  • Contact me via the contact page located on the home page
  • Portraits cost from £450.00 plus £150 for detailed background
  • Portraits are sent in strong cardboard tubes, it's cheaper for you this way, and it leaves you free to choose the style of frame that suits your home decor.

Responding to many questions received over the last couple of hours since I uploaded this page-sorry about responding individually, you probably understand that if I were to reply to everyone I wouldn't have much time to do anything else.

Yes, I do dogs and if you wish to be an agent please contact me via the home page. Portraits take about six weeks, I need a good quality colored photograph to work from, hope that answers your questions. Thank you for your understanding and support your involvement has been simply incredible since starting this website...Thank you, John Allsopp G4YDM.

Children's portraits in oil on canvas, by Artist John Allsopp

One of a pair, my latest work, 20x24 inches oil on canvas by John G4YDM

Ham Radio operator-paints Children's portraits 

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