Monday, 2 March 2020

Ham Radio op-paints a Bride

Ham Radio op-paints a Bride 

 Bride Portrait by Artist John Allsopp   I am always adding new themes to my ever-increasing art portfolio and as you can see this is a painting of a beautiful young lady on her very special day, her wedding. Apparently, it was a 1940 style wedding and her hairstyle matched the occasion, I was not aware of this style until many after the wedding when I was chatting to the young lady you see in the portrait.

I am sure you will agree with me when I say the work was somewhat challenging, the veil was a complicated part the dress itself presented many challenges and it was the first time to capture a bunch of flowers held by the bride. 

Creation came from the study of the wedding album, there were over one hundred pictures taken inside the church outside and of course many others in the bride's mother's house and inside the wedding car. I studied them all to get a feeling of the personality of this lady and came up with this portrait, it is a combination of many references that came from her wedding album.

The portrait is one of my large works however when I see this painting on the wall of this ladies' mother's home it looks perfect, twenty-four by thirty-six inches is quite a big painting but it works as I am sure you will agree.

This was the second bridal painting I completed, apparently, wedding portraits are rare in the UK but quite common in other parts of the world. You never stop learning about art there is always something new to research and learn.

The background color was added after I completed the body of the painting, originally the background was dark which I thought would draw the onlooker's eyes to the main subject area being the lady's face however after further thought I decided to color the background green if you look hard the green pattern is actually impressions of leaves.

Artists appreciate comments from people who see their work, I am no exception please do not hesitate to comment in the box at the bottom of this page, tell me what you like and what you don't like, comments are great primary research and help me to discover new areas of art.

Ham Radio op-paints a Bride 

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