Sunday, 22 March 2020

Ham radio- AirSpy YouLoop passive magnetic loop antenna now shipping

Ham radio- AirSpy YouLoop passive magnetic loop antenna now shipping 

Just came across the Youloop and decided to upload the post knowing that many radio hams including myself have used the airspy SDR receiver-when it comes to loops they work very well if you have a small lot without space for a dipole, they are a compromise but if you lack space which many of us urban dwellers do a loop is a good aerial to choose.

I am a keen CW operator on the HF Ham Bands and can honestly say the Delta-loop is one of my favorite aerial configurations-vertically polarized I find a loop just a tad better than a vertical with radials-a major benefit to a loop is the noise reduction.

73 de John G4YDM

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Michael Agner (KA3JJZ), who notes that AirSpy now has the YouLoop passive mag loop antenna posted on their retail websites.  You can grab one for $30 – $35 US, depending on your location. That’s a fantastic deal in my book.
Note that the YouLoop only works well with high dynamic range SDRs and receivers like the AirSpy HF+ Discovery.

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