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Ham Radio-Portable operation

Ham Radio-Portable operation

Ham Radio-Portable operation

Ham Radio-Portable operation.  One of the great things about Ham Radio is working portable, as soon as someone hears portable being called after the CQ call their ears prick wondering where the station is, I have enjoyed /p as we call it for many years and it never fails to offer some DX especially if you get yourself as high as you can, check out this Terrain map and find local high spots where you can try out this exciting ham radio aspect.  Terrain map

Long wire aerials back at the home QTH are usually noisy and offer little DX due to the fact that many of us live in small urban houses with small back gardens, working portable with a long wire and 9:1 radio un-un opens the world, away from houses in the countryside is the quiet one of the necessary requirements if we are to hear weak distant stations.

A pole made from fiberglass preferably telescopic to fit into the car, some wire and maybe a wheel mast support is all you need, the wheel support is needed if you can't find a tall tree to through up a wire, a fiberglass pole and wheel support fix the problem.

SOTABEAMS supplies a suitable drive on mast support together with other useful accessories for going portable.

Many people are interested in working people in various squares around the country, here in the U.K. many radio hams find working different counties interesting and this side of the hobby has a great number of followers not only UK amateurs, but many hams around Europe also look for Worked All Britain squares.  Heres a link to W.A.B.

Some of the best DX I have enjoyed over the years have come from when I was working portable, If you do decide this is an aspect of our hobby that interest you, why not let the team at WAB know where you are going, you will probably work lots of stations especially at a weekend.

High places in your local hills are simply great, no noise and you can hear many stations on bands that you feel are dead back home. 

Now if you want some great thrill and excitement consider working portable down by the sea, the conditions near saltwater are excellent, with a simple vertical aerial and a few radials thrown around the base on wet sand by the sea, you will enjoy low angle radiation many more times increase in Db's when operating from the seashore, saltwater provides the best ground plane you will ever achieve, using low power or QRP contacts from the North East of England into the United States have been recorded by many local radio hams.

A fiberglass pole of 10 meters will allow you to erect a half-wave vertical center-fed on twenty meters, this works without radials and I have found that this arrangement works very well and offers the same low angle take off produced by a quarter-wave aerial arrangement.

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