Saturday, 23 November 2019

Ham Radio operator catches Queen Elizabeth

Ham Radio operator catches Queen Elizabeth The Queen oil on canvas, by Artist John Allsopp

Ham Radio operator catches Queen Elizabeth.   First of all, thank you for your emails and your comments about my website and paintings, your complimentary suggestions about my dogs in oil and famous celebrity portraits help me decide on what to plan for future creations.

Many people have asked about my painting depicting Queen Elizabeth the second, I often get asked about how long does a portrait take to complete and what urged me to do it, all interesting questions which many artists who specialize in portraits are often asked.

The Queen took about three months to create, I first researched the internet and Royal books to find good reference material to base my portrait on, I wanted to show the Queen in a formal pose complete in one of her tearers, I think this addition helps with my formal approach.

A canvas was prepared in my normal way by coating the linen in gesso this gives a good base for oil paint. Many artists paint their portraits by preparing the outline with a brush and paint, I tend to use a pencil to outline the figure then use light brush marks to highlight the areas within the painting, we all have our styles and techniques, I have mentioned before about using a projector to create an image on a canvas, it is a method of creating oil on canvas portrait or painting and is used by many art creators.

Why do I always use oil and not watercolor based paint to capture people and places, oil, in my opinion, is the best medium for portraits, I have found over the years that oil, unlike other paint, has many benefits including richer tones and vivid colors, keeping an oil on linen portrait out of direct sunlight will help maintain the vivid colors for years to come.

Thank you again for sending me feedback about my art and pictures, they all help me to not only plan for future work they help me to answer questions about portrait painting and why I use oil-based paint.

Ham Radio operator catches Queen Elizabeth