Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Ham Radio operator paints and highlights classic works

Ham Radio operator paints and highlights classic works

Artist John Allsopp traces pictures of great master paiters to trace their work onto canvas.

Ham Radio operator paints and highlights classic works.  Where do you get inspiration from painting portraits and paintings, a question that I am often asked? Researching old masters helps me get inspired to paint, however looking at the great artists is not the only way I get ideas about future works of art.

Life inspires us to do all manner of things, where we live plays some part on how our lives are shaped philosophy our politics the list goes on and on, art was something I developed an interest in many years ago as a child, coloring books were my introductions to pictures and art. Walt Disney Company produced many books during my early years, I would receive one every Christmas and spend my a happy hour coloring in the Disney characters, eventually, I would use the characters as a reference and then learned how to draw them differently than they appeared in the coloring book, where this interest came no one knows.

As I got older I would study the many classic artists and their work, copying some of the areas in works you see above was my apprenticeship in art, I am essentially self-taught, most people are, we go to college and listen to lectures and follow sequential modules but essentially we teach ourselves by taking the material away and performing self-study   

The work you see in this picture is by William-Adolphe Bouguereau it was said that he painted over 800 paintings, many are lost to the world.

These paintings speak volumes to me, I still trace around them which is an artistic skill many artists use to get the perspective of a painting right. From my tracings, I transfer the traced picture to clear thin perspex sheeting and place it on top of my homemade projector, the image is projected onto the canvas where the outline of the work is drawn, I also use grid paper and sometimes perspex with one-centimeter squares drawn onto it to help with fine detail reproduction.

My intention due to the many comments and emails I have received since starting my blog about Oil on canvas paintings and Portraits is to reproduce old masters and offer them as oil paintings for sale.

Ham Radio operator paints and highlights classic works