Thursday, 10 October 2019

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund in oil

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund in oil

Digby Dachshund by Artist John Allsopp oil on canvas.

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund in oil.   I have always enjoyed photography people do say its the poor mans art however I disagree with that angle of view photography is, in my opinion, a different kind of art and I am sure people who take wonderful photographs of seascapes landscapes anything really have the same inspirational spirit and a creative trait that runs through my blood.

Pictures form reference points for my oil on canvas portraits and paintings, this is Digby our Wire-haired Dachshund who is sadly no longer with us, however, his spirit and our memories of him still remain.

I used this picture as inspiration to paint his portrait which you can see on my blog site, his painting hangs in a prominent position in our home and is a constant reminder of the wonderful years he was with us.

I often take a range of pictures some close up other further away they all help in the very important part of a portrait, composition. Close up pictures help with extreme detail it is better to have a large picture to work from it does make an artist's life easier.

Backgrounds make a picture, Digby was painted sitting in his favorite chair which just happens to be mine.

Here is another chance to see Digby captured in oil on canvas.

Digby by Artist John Allsopp

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund in oil

Ham Radio constructor-enjoys artwork

Ham Radio constructor-enjoys artwork 

Ham Radio constructor-enjoys artwork   Artist John Allsopp What is my Art all about? We all do something for a reason and as an artist, I am doing no different than anyone else, so why do I take photographs of trees, or rivers, people dogs? the reason I took this picture is quite simple I am going to use it as a reference for a later painting. 

None of us can remember the enormous amount of detail in a moment in time photographs are used by many artists as a form of reference, many sketches of this scene will not provide the amount of reference present in a photo.

Arttist John Allsopp uses photographs as a form of reference for his artwork
 What is the work of artist John Allsopp all about?

Quite simply to capture a scene, in this case, a seascape in as near perfect detail as I possibly can, my art style is realism, I want people to instantly recognize where, and what the painting is about.

For those who don't know South Shields in Tyne-Wear, the picture shows a ferry vessel leaving the river and heading out towards the North Sea.
 I have painted people in a highly realistic manner, they are easily recognized, I personally get a huge amount of satisfaction when people talk about my work as being beautiful.

Ham Radio constructor-enjoys artwork 

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