Saturday, 28 September 2019

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund 

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund   I am often asked how to take a photograph of a dog. Below I have attached pictures of our dog Darby, you can take them outside or in my case when he jumps onto a chair, it takes a little patience to catch a dog in the right pose for a portrait in oil. If you don't have a good camera a local photographer will do the job for you.

A portrait of your dog is a bespoke piece of art that will furnish your living room, I work in oil on canvas only, oil provides the vivid colors and detail that no other medium offers.

Photographs need to be clear and crisp. Background detail can be added or a plain backdrop using one color will work fine after all the subject is the dog, the background can often be intricate taking as long to create as the main subject. 

This picture would work well as a bespoke painting.

This picture would work well too.

Ham Radio operator-Dachshund 

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