Friday, 20 September 2019

Ham Radio operator-likes Thomas Gainsborough

Ham Radio operator-likes Thomas Gainsborough 

Artist John Allsopp what inspires me to create oil paintings

Ham Radio operator-likes Thomas Gainsborough   Thomas Gainsborough one of my favorite Artists this work is called chasing a butterfly. Thomas Gainsborough 1727-1788

I draw inspiration from life in general, walking reading taking photographs
all add to my love of art, you could write volumes about famous paintings they are so very interesting from a historical viewpoint.

Clothing fixes the time this parting was created by Gainsborough it is obvious when I compare these children and what they are wearing to a period in late 1700,s

You can feel the love Gainsborough had for his children in this portrait an attentive parent watching two of his offspring gently following a pursuit that countless children throughout time have enjoyed the innocent pursuit of catching a butterfly.

Pictures of paintings from the great masters of art inspire me when creating my own work, I love the fact that these portraits tell a story no amount of words could ever achieve.

If you would like a painting or a portrait of a loved one favorite pet or any other subject, please contact me, I will paint any subject you wish, my aim is to provide my customers with their bespoke pieces of oil on canvas artwork.

Ham Radio operator-likes Thomas Gainsborough